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To Take Care of Others, Take Care of Yourself

Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Staff

Crisis Services:

Employee Assistance Program

  • All APS employees have free, 24-hour access to counseling and other services through our Employee Assistance Program. Please call 1-888-324-2631 or visit

Meru Health

  • APS also partnered with Meru Health, which offers support to all APS staff through a free and 100% confidential 12-week program accessible via smartphone.


  • Espresa’s employee wellbeing and fitness platform empowers, engages, and rewards employees for healthy behavior. This can be done in person or virtually. By offering a wide range of activities for our employees, we are moving toward a culture of health and wellbeing. If you haven’t already, you can register through the email sent directly by Espresa on September 1st. A more direct registration/login process is coming soon!

  • For more information, please contact Frances Warren, Wellness Coordinator at

Stress Management Class for Staff, facilitated by HealthONE

Mental Health Resource Bank brought to you by CDE with help from the Office of Suicide Prevention, Suicide Prevention Commission, the Colorado Youth Advisory Council, and the CDE team, and the Mental Health Education Literacy Resource bank.

Please visit the APS Wellness Website for more information and resources!

Resources, Research, and Articles

Tools and Forms

    • Staff Wellness Referral Form

    • Consultation and Assessment Forms

    • District Consent Forms (Screening Assessment & Direct Services & Release of Information) in the top school languages

    • CASEL Roadmap to Re-Opening Schools

    • Second Wind Fund - Youth Suicide Prevention Updates

    • The AWARE team has been working with the IT department, Legal Department, and Accountability Department to operationalize the system that allows students to make name and/or gender changes in the district’s information systems. This work began a couple of years ago, and this collaboration has allowed us to develop guidance documents that explain the process clearly for staff. The flow chart allows staff to see, at a glance, what to do given a particular request for name and/or gender change. The guidance document provides detailed information about the different information systems in APS and how a name/gender change is managed within those systems. It also provides support in how to discuss these details with students and some clear DO’s and DON’Ts during the process. These are working documents. We hope that if you have any feedback that will help improve them you will let us know! The important thing is that our adults are empowered to support our students! :)