Aurora Mental Health Center


Aurora Mental Health Center

Aurora Mental Health Center, located in Aurora, Colorado, just east of Denver, is a private, nonprofit community mental health organization serving people with a wide range of mental health needs.

At Aurora Mental Health Center, their goal is to promote mental health to enable people to truly live their life to the fullest, and to treat those who are affected by mental illness. Since 1975, they have provided an array of proven mental health services to children, adults, and families needing professional guidance.

To promote a healthy mental well-being, they offer wellness and life coaching classes like happiness class, stress management, and parenting and family relationship management. And by providing appropriate treatment and counseling services, they continue to help many cope with the daily stresses of life, manage their mental illness, and live full and rewarding lifestyles.

Aurora Mental Health School-Based Therapy services are offered in 30 of our schools.