Vision and Mission

Aurora Public Schools AWARE aims to build capacity for a comprehensive school behavioral health system that supports every student in reaching his or her fullest potential.

Aurora Public Schools AWARE aims to provide coordinated, data-driven systems for supporting the emotional and behavioral health, wellness, and resilience of our students, families and the community.

About Aurora AWARE

Aurora AWARE is a team within the Department of Mental Health & Counseling that promotes social, emotional, and behavioral health by elevating diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices across educational systems. AWARE supports students’ behavioral health and well-being by working with youth-serving adults in the Aurora community to

  • Increase awareness of mental health issues that impact school-aged youth

  • Support the vetting and implementation of SEL in schools integrated throughout the academic day.

  • Build and maintain a comprehensive system to connect children, youth, and families who may have behavioral health issues with appropriate community-based behavioral health services.

  • Increase equitable access to education and inclusive education for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and community members by providing training, addressing policies, and providing consultation

  • Reducing vulnerability to child sexual abuse and promoting educational spaces that are unattractive to offenders by providing training, addressing policies, and providing consultation

  • Support school staff in responding to student mental health safety regarding technology by using Gaggle and LineWize.

  • Build & maintain school & district-wide systems and provide training and consultation in the following areas:

    • LGBTQ Inclusive Environments

    • Social Emotional Learning

    • Safety & Suicide Prevention and Intervention

    • Behavioral Health Online Referral System (Staff: here is a link to the training)

    • Crisis Prevention, Intervention, and Compliance

    • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention


AWARE Department

Educational Services Center 4

1085 Peoria St.

Aurora, CO 80011