Youth Mental Health First Aid


Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) is an 8-hour course offering that will be made available for anyone who is 16 or older in the Aurora Public Schools community.  There is no charge for this course if you are part of APS and our community. This course is designed to teach skills necessary to intervene with youth ages 12-18 who may be exhibiting signs of a mental illness or having some type of emotional crisis.  

Participants have the chance to be certified as a Youth Mental Health First Aider who becomes knowledgeable in available community resources for youth who are experiencing mental health challenges.  These individuals who are trained in the YMHFA model will not provide counseling or therapy, but will have the skills necessary to help the youth to select appropriate resources.

For additional information about YMHFA, please contact:


Michael Chevrier

(303) 866-6547